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This is a continuation of a story I started a few months ago. I’m taking a page out of Fiction is Food and exploring the story through word prompts.  Head over to Blog Battle to get all the information and join in. This is prompt three for me or part three of the story.

Part One

Part Two

“It is a beautiful room.  The portions are pleasing to the eye”, the older man in the robe said.

Alice was still wondering how he knew her name. Taking a deep breathe she decided to let go and experience what was happening in this moment. After all she had taken that drink to find answers.  The man was smiling and standing still.

“Yes it is. I love anywhere books are,” Alice said.

“Of course. Alice, time is not on our side here. The  conductor is getting less stable. If you have any solutions now is the time for them.”

“Solutions?” Alice asked.  She had no idea what he was talking about. He appeared to know her. She was here for her own answers. Not to give solutions to problems she had no idea what they were.

“I’m not sure why you think I might have the solution for this problem,” Alice said.

“It is more than a problem and you are one of our best composers. We are counting on you,” the man said.

Alice frowned. This was getting out of hand. She was more confused now than when she took the drink. What did she expect? Not this. She didn’t think she would get any help from this man while this stability problem was happening. Go with the flow. I am a composer, whatever that means, so compose. Alice closed her eyes for a second.

“Would you mind starting at the beginning. Assume I know nothing and tell me exactly what this stability problem is. Let’s sit down,” Alice said and moved towards the circular table with the high back chairs.  The older man did the same.  Alice smiled hoping this would encourage him to start talking.


You can always start now!


15 thoughts on “Blog Battle – Stable

  1. A leaf out of my book wrt prompt use… mighty accolade indeed to get an honourable mention! Brilliant you could drop this into the BlogBattle too. I see nothing wrong with plot development using prompts either. I’ve managed 60K words of backstory doing just that! Like you, I’ve linked back to some on my entry too!

    Alice seems to be an intriguing character too. I shall now have to go read the previous parts too! This clearly flows from a WIP!


      1. Good to hear! Maybe you could drop another snippet next month so I can see some more. So agree wrt July, I can’t blink these days without losing a week. My writing is paused, but ideas are flirting in my head. Hopefully once schools break up I can get some time back as it’s full on at present.


      2. Schools out today finally too. Might actually get some time back now outside taxi runs for them!! Ideas are getting down, but tend to be using prompts for them. Shouldn’t have too much time finding them that way lol


      3. Not yet!! Having a week off. Well, that was the plan, but had a fair few things to do and extreme heat pretty much zapped energy!! Ideas are collecting though and another might show up in the next BB prompt. How has Camp NaNo gone?


      4. Camp NaNo went well in that I managed to get word count I set down. Not sure about content but will put away and revisit later. We are having hot and humid weather here also so I know about zapped energy. I thought last year might have been a one off but apparently not, I think this might be the new norm and not enjoying it.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Great job on NaNo then! Remember Kings advice…first draft is just get the bones of the story down. You know it and the characters better at the end than the start so editing is where it gets fleshed out.

        As for climate… these types of weather are predicted in the models. More chaotic and extremes. Probably a few posts to be had on that topic!


      6. Have you read On Writing by King? There’s a good rationale about first drafts and editing for those with less conventional approaches like me!

        Same here too. The flipping rain hovers about increasing humidity. If it wasn’t for that I could tolerate heat!


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