What caught my eye in the past month

It is Canada Day (July 1st) so holiday for me.  Great that it falls on a Monday this year so a three day weekend.  School finished last week so also first long weekend of the summer for everyone.

Here is what caught my eye in the past month! Hope something catches your.


If you follow me you’ll know this is my eye candy. Decor.  Style at home drew me into this vacation home with the light and personality.

Ashley Brooke Designs  gives us a summer reading guide. It caught my eye as she has a variety of options.


I like to do crafts. I’m not great at it but I like the process of making something with my hands.  Domino shows us a few projects we can do with scraps of fabric.


I guess I was into Domino a lot in the past month as here is another one.   They show case 6 ideas for indoor gardens.

This caught my eye with the title alone! Ingrid Madison Ave gives us some pointers on how to crush our goals in the last six month of the year.

10 amazing and cute DIYs to try this spring

I know the title says spring but seriously these are also summer DIYs.  Check out The Wonder Forest for some cute DIYs to try.

I need to remember this!

Happy July everyone.  Let’s have a fabulous summer (or whatever season you are having).

You can always start now!


31 thoughts on “What caught my eye in the past month

  1. esmesalon says:

    I always love reading your posts my friend. I can associate even more since we met in person. Will never forget that evening!


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