Weekend Coffee Share

I haven’t participated in Weekend Coffee Share for a while so here it goes.

If we were having coffee I’d be mouthing off how sick I am of the weather.  That April and May have been cold and damp overall.  Yes we had a few nice days – enough to get us mildly excited thinking “it might be here”. Only to be freezing within 24 hours.  I’d also tell you I had my winter jacket on until the end of May and I wasn’t happy about it.

After our weather rant.  I’d like to move onto what we have been watching on Netflix lately. I just finished the Crown and started The Impostors.  I usually like to have two on the go as you know sometimes you don’t feel like one or the other. So what are you watching and why? Documentaries? Hmmm…. not my first choice but tell me anyways.

That said. I just finished a book by Michelle McNamara “I’ll be gone in the dark”. It is about the Golden State Killer in the 1970s & 1980s.  Michelle was a journalist and wrote about her obsession of the serial killer. The sad thing was she passed away before the book was finished and also before the guy was caught. A friend recommended the book and I am not usually drawn to non-fiction but I really enjoyed this book.  It wasn’t gruesome and she just gave enough detail for the reader to get the idea.

Since I enjoy a good book I’d also tell you how much my sister and I are enjoying reading the Louise Penny (Canadian author) Detective Gamache series. They are set in a small village south of Montreal. Each novel is an individual mystery but the main characters’ lives are intertwined through the books.  There is also a side mystery that she weaves through the first say five books. Detective Gamach is someone who you want on your side – a compassionate truth seeker. I would recommend if you enjoy mysteries and want to get your teeth into a series.  Oh if we’re having coffee I’d be asking if you have a recommendation.

At this point we’d be talking about summer plans.  What events are coming? When? What are we interested in? New restaurants? Music? One of us has to pick up the Doers and Dreamers Guide.  That lists everything happening in the province over the summer months. So how was is your weekend going?


You can always start now!


24 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share

  1. LadyPamelaRose says:

    I really enjoyed The Crown as well, and I’ll have to look into your book recommendation. I just finished a great book called Salt In My Soul about a young lady with Cystic Fibrosis.

    I’d also talk about what you’re making for dinner these days…and trade some recipes with you. Ray’s been doing most of the cooking but I like having ideas in case I’m up to it.

    Thanks for a good read!


  2. gemmaorton says:

    The weather has improved greatly here this weekend, reaching 29 degrees c! However I’m sure that won’t last.
    I’ve just finished reading a book called ‘Dear Mrs Bird’ it’s set during the world war and is from the perspective of a young female woman. It’s a good read.


  3. fancypaperblog says:

    Must look up that series. I am reading Big Little lies which I have seen as a tv show but am really enjoying the book despite knowing what will happen! I must read more of her novels. Bank holiday here and I am finished my teaching for summer break. 🤗 hope weatherimproves


  4. josypheen says:

    I hope the weather improved for you soon! It is starting to really feel like summer here (until we get up high into the mountains where there is still some snow!!) Hopefully that winter jacket can go away now we’re in June!?


  5. Italian Goodness says:

    I just finished watching “Dead to me” and it was quite harsh with the vocabulary (lot of swearing) and plot but pretty intense and hard to quit. Then I started “What if” with an extraordinary interpretation of Rene Zellweger and even if the story was a bit too unreal, it was quite entertaining. I didn’t have any book in mind for summer but now I thin I will give a try to the detective series you suggested! Thank you Amelia!


  6. Gary A Wilson says:

    Hello YCASN and welcome to our virtual coffee share. Alli, our host, has proved to be quite the trooper on keeping it going. Each Friday, there’s the new link. This has also proved to be a good place to make some literate friends.

    Among this herd, I think I’m the sole writer of memories and hard Sci-Fi wantabe writer. Your ‘about’ page talks about exploring passions and this is almost exactly how i found myself blogging one day as an experiment. It started with my daughter’s suggestion that I record my stories of growing up because, looking back, many are so funny and fun to retell. If interested, you could see my fuller project details at this link;

    But you would be advised to come looking for fun. I’ve chosen, what I think is a framework that should appeal to many. Short (<2000 words), Feel (1st person, mildly rowdy, like we're sitting somewhere sharing food or drinks and just laughing at stuff), Clean (no F-bombs or gratuitous garbage) so anyone I'm fortunate enough to meet should be comfortable enjoying how life unfolded for one guy out there, and real (these things all really happened – which looking back, I now find hard to believe myself).

    If you'd like to kick the tires on my collection and laugh with me or tell me what you would have done in such a situation – I'd love share some of this passion and fun I've had with you.

    Now about your weather – ugh – sounds like you have paid your dues and deserve some new run-around clothes rather than your coat. I can't do much about yours and ours here in the southern wine country of northern California is finally turning from foggy wet to bright sunshine. My wife is thrilled.

    We too are Netflix junkies and I tend towards SciFi while she trends more towards humor with laugh tracks which I just can't abide. We meet around a few series like NCIS.

    My book reading also trends towards SciFi and I particularly like hard SciFi – where the science is real enough to learn from and ties the author and story much more to reality. I don't have much use for zombies or dragons anymore. I don't mind a few love stories, but there has to be more to it than just a guy and gal trying hard not to fall in love – when you know going into it that they will. Like historical fiction. I love a good historical fiction and the best I've read remains "Passport" by Bruce Herschensohn or the full edition of "Gone With the Wind" by Maraget Mitchell. Both are epic tales told against the backdrop of some amazing and even painful history. Fabulous reads – both of them.

    Finally, I poked around a bit to see if I could find your name. I think I would fail at stalking because I'm not very good at it, but I do like calling people by their names. File me with all those other guys who can't recall names sometimes to save their lives. My only reasonable option is to work at it or this malady will just keep getting worse. So lacking a better tag, can I just greet you with "YCASN"?

    Hope this finds you well and I hope to see you either next weekend or wandering around my story collection. Welcome!


    • You Can Always Start Now says:

      I’m just back from vacation so late replying to comments! Call me Amelia. I grew up watching SciFi always enjoy. I’m not a regular participant in Weekend Coffee Share – more not getting my act together than anything else. I enjoy it as just nice to share what is going on and checking out others. I’ll be over for a visit for later. This morning coffee and catch up. Thanks for visiting and sharing – I think creating community is one of the best things about blogging!.


  7. Gary A Wilson says:

    Ah – lousy timing on my part. I think I just stumbled across your real name. Since you don’t use it here, I won’t presume on the right to do so, but it would be a lot easier to recall than YCASN. . . 🙂


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