There is life back there

This is a rant.  I’m wondering if anyone else is bothered by it or is it just me “making too much of something”.

I take public transit. For me that is the bus. On rainy days more people take the bus – they don’t want to get soaked walking say 15 – 20 minutes so why not jump on the bus.  I get that. I really do. What I don’t get is what people do once they get on the bus.  Our buses pack you on.

My rant is coming. The thing is people end up standing in the aisle as there are not enough seats.  The bus has a back door about three-fourths of the way down the bus. That is where people stop. They get on, no seats, stand as soon as they get on. The bus driver pulls into next stop, more people get on and stand near the front door.

Okay, now near the front door is crowded.  Next stop, more people get on. Bus driver says “please move to the back”. People shuttle. A bit.  Next stop more people get on and again “please move to the back.”

Now people have shuttled towards the back door. After that no movement. Nothing. The rant is. THERE ARE SEATS PASSED THE BACK DOOR PEOPLE.  Seriously seats. You can sit down.  My rant is you can’t get to the seats past the back door as people won’t move. Now the bus driver with people standing almost on top of him thinks, I’m full. I can’t safely pick up anyone else.  Sorry I have to drive by people in the rain. I’m people. As the bus drives by I see people and WHAT empty seats past the back door! Blood pressure now up.

So if anyone is reading this and they have every taken the bus – please realize there are seats past the back door.  I know you might be thinking only “certain” types of people sit past the back door. That you might be on shaky ground taking those few extra steps. Goodness knows the type of person who actually fights their way past the back door of the bus.

FYI I DO when I can get on. I am the person you might be pissed at as I grind and stomp by way by you standing to get to the back of the bus.  Okay, typing this means there are “certain” people at the back of the bus. We are called considerate. We don’t feel the world or bus resolve around us. We feel empathy for the people in the rain or waiting for the bus period.

I am not talking about the seats for seniors or anyone with a disability at the front of the bus. Those seats are for them. That would be another rant for people who sit there and shouldn’t. I’m talking to people who can MOVE to the back of the bus.

So there is life back there and often – wait for it….. an empty seat.

You can always start now!


14 thoughts on “There is life back there

  1. natalienymark says:

    You are the considerate few! People need to realize that the world, in fact, does not revolve around them as you say. There needs to be proper expectations of people when they step out into the public space and that is seeming to slip further and further away. This rant is completely valid


  2. LadyPamelaRose says:

    Oh, I see this happen all the time on the buses in Victoria!!! I’m always tempted to yell out “Move to the back people” but of course, I don’t. So frustrating!!! Thankfully, I’ve never had a bus pass me by because they were too full…yet!!

    Good rant!!


    • You Can Always Start Now says:

      Happened again last week – bus didn’t drive by people. I got on and worked my way to the back. Sat in last row with seats on either side of me and two more in view. There were people standing in front of the back door and a few more towards the front. Seriously. People constantly shifting to let someone out and seats within three feet of them. Sigh.


  3. YesterdayAfter says:

    Yes I get your rant and you right! I used to take daily public transportation, buses and subways to go to work when I was still living in my native country Italy, here in US where I am no one takes the bus so they are empty most of the time and I don’t need to take it anymore since I am a full time artist and create my art in my studio at home! But I totally get your rant and I am with you on this! 😉


  4. ellenbest24 says:

    Why would you wat to stand! When you could sit … how hard is it to use consideration, empathy and common sense? Your rant is deserved, you ate allowed and further mote I would have joined you.


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