A year of challenges – newspapers

In case you’re dropping by for the first time, I’m having a year of challenges. Each month I’m challenging myself in a different way. I have had a month of snail mail and another of not spending.

This past month I was off social media / emails / texting for one day a week. The first day was Tuesday April 2nd. I got up, made coffee and sat down with paper and pen and wrote out a “to do” list for when I got home that evening.  I work full-time so my days are taken care of.  I have to say I have gotten back into reading more and a bit more proactive with housework.  It wasn’t hard to not check emails / blog / text for a 24 hours period. I informed people I wouldn’t be emailing or checking Facebook. Done. Then I enjoyed my time at home doing other stuff. I mean seriously people, we always have other stuff like making lunch, meals, housework or my favorite reading. When I say reading I mean a book – paper so again no screen time.

This month I am challenging myself to read one newspaper a week. I know this sounds easy but currently I don’t read any. I was brainstorming with a friend over challenges and she suggested this one. She loves her newspapers and reads more than one a day.  So that takes care of May.

I am looking for more challenges for the rest of year so if you have any I love to hear. It can be given something up, do something, whatever. It is wide open.

You can always start now!


15 thoughts on “A year of challenges – newspapers

  1. Snuffy says:

    I love the idea of challenges, I find it offers the best motivation because it doesn’t have to be forever. Just enough to help you either appreciate what you were doing before or make small changes for the future with what you have learned. Maybe your next one could be a month of trying new foods or recipes?


    1. You Can Always Start Now says:

      My friend said the same thing to have a month of food challenges so if you are both saying it well……… I guess it should be a go. I enjoyed the 24 hours off social media and well continue to do that. Maybe not once a week but book a day off here and there and just say you won’t e hearing from me.

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      1. fancypaperblog says:

        It does. I can recall my deepest moments of clarity being on really long bus trips in South America – no phone, sometimes I listened to music but when it wa dark I didn’t even read but just thought. A sense of freedom too- no one to answer to.


      2. You Can Always Start Now says:

        Reading your bus trip in South America made me think of when I was in Australia and the same thing. Long time of the in the dark and just sitting and thinking while on the bus. I remember enjoying the quiet.


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