Blog Battle – Shift

I’m back at Blog Battle this month. Click over to get all the details and check out other writers doing great stuff.  I am taking a page out Gary’s Fiction is Food and continuing my story from last month’s battle.

Here is last month’s entry and the beginning of the story.  Blog Battle March.

Alice knocked on the large wooden door and waited.  The door was a piece of art with intricate carving on all four panels. The bottom left was a battle. Men with swords fighting.  Looking closer she could see various coats of arms on each man.  On the panel above that was a castle on a hill.  The panel across was another castle, but this one had men fighting below it and what looked like the sea in the background.  The bottom last panel  was a farm with people working in the fields.  Alice could make out women, men and children in this carving.

Taking a breath she opened the door and stepped into a large entry way with stairs to the right and closed doors on either side. There was a large round table in the entry way with fresh flowers. So someone was here.

The house was cold, but what did she expect it was stone and goodness knows how it was heated. Alice didn’t know how long the dream would last after drinking the liquid so she knew she had to make each second count.  Always go left so she proceeded to the left door.

The room was large. It must run half the length of the house with light streaming through the large  windows running the length of the room. It was a formal sitting area. The room was large enough to have different groupings.  There were four chairs at the end by a large stone fireplace.  Two sofas were facing each other nearer to the door. On the table between them were two glasses and a decanter.

“It is about time you arrived,” a voice said from behind.

Alice swung around and left her world shift as she looked at the older man who stood in the doorway. He had a black cap on over what looked like a long robe. He quietly shut the door behind him and proceeded into the room.

“So Alice should we get to work. We don’t have a lot of time,” he said.

You can always start now!



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