Soul Sunday – I did it

I question everything. Do I have the money? The time? The energy? So when Natalie showed me Soul Sunday I surprised myself and wham signed up right there and then. That is big for me.

We had a great day. I felt energized and it got me thinking. It started with yoga. Good stretch and put us in the mood for the rest of the day.  Next an author on her journey with body image.  We wrote out truths (big hips, small wrists) about our body and our purpose for our body (walk, travel – basically have experiences).  We don’t have to have perfect bodies and there should be no comparison.  After that we made a bracelet before lunch.

After lunch there was an inspirational talk by Emily King.  The talk was centered around our relationship to money.  You know what you were told and/or experienced growing up with it.  Mine was we never had enough and don’t spend. The talk could be applied to other relationships we have also – like self-worth.

One exercise she had us do was “what if I do this….and this happens or doesn’t happen.” We then had to write  “so what?” and come up with scenarios.  A lot of the what if came down to failure or negativity. What if I do…..and people don’t like it. So what? I’m not tied to what people think. It is not a reflection of me.  What can I learn from this?  A lot of the time it comes down to pushing boundaries.

The other exercise that struck close to home for me was 1:100.  By putting myself out there and being vulnerable I am showing other individuals what is possible.  To think of the bigger picture of being part of a community and by showing up I can help others. Pushing through that door and opening it for others. I have at least 100 people counting on me to push that door open. I’m on it.

There was so much positive energy in the room.  I felt Soul Sunday was a gift I had given myself. I came away feeling positive about some creative projects I wanted to do. Since writing this post I have actually accomplished one and it feels great!

You can always start now!



16 thoughts on “Soul Sunday – I did it

  1. Sneha says:

    Awesome and congratulations for getting nominated in Annual blogger bash! I m nominated too in the same category . Just wanted to check my competitions, so clicked on your blog. 😀
    Followed you 🙂


  2. Heidi Love says:

    Thanks for the inspiration. Tonight, my Soul Sunday, I’m trying out a local event: New Moon Gathering for Women. I’m reading that it is a time to clear negative energy and set intentions. Wish me luck 🙂


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