Stream of Consciousness Saturday “lip”

It has been a while since I pulled myself together to participate in Stream of Consciousness Saturday. It is where Linda gives us a word and we just write. No over thinking. No making an outline. Just WRITE. Hence stream of consciousness!!  Head over to check out all the details and the other participants.  The prompt is…… lips.

Judith always knew Heather was about to blow when the bottom lip came out.  Even as children the lip was Heather’s tell.   Judith had seen it quiver, bitten and pressed tight together. But the real magic happened when it came out. The further it came out the bigger the blow. If the lower lip barely came out – a little pout – Heather was sad. Well, not sad, but trying to get her way by making you feel like an ogre for hurting her.

The further out the lower lip came the higher the chance of major drama happening. Usually Judith hated it. It was meant to inflict the greatest damage possible.  The lower lip had caused Judith to be grounded (not her fault but causality of war), almost excelled from school (two feet to the left was all it took) and birthday parties ruined as Heather was not the centre of attention. Why? Not her birthday party.

But today was different. The lip coming out today would ground this circus to a halt. The conversation had gotten out of control and people were going to regret even entering the room by the end of it.  Judith knew exactly what button to push to bring that lower lip out. She could already see Heather’s eyes narrowing at the woman across from her. Another tell, but not strong enough.

Judith took a deep breath. She was about to close this circus down.  “You might not be aware……”


You can always start now!



10 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday “lip”

  1. Unbound Roots says:

    Love this write-up of yours! It was quick to pull the reader in, and left us wanting more using a few short paragraphs. Very well done!


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