A year of challenges – detox

If you are just visiting for the first time here is a fast recap. I decided to challenge myself in 2019.  To shake things up a bit.  So each month I’m doing a different challenge (no spending and snail mail are two I have already completed).

Last month it was snail mail. To mail a hand-written letter or card once a week (minimum) for the month.  It started great as I had a letter to answer from a friend. I curled up Sunday afternoon and wrote (by hand) a two page letter. I feel if I’m writing a letter it should be worth my time and the receivers.  I sent postcards out later in the month. One to my sister, who lives across the country,  who actually sent a postcard back.  Then I fell off the wagon (so to speak).

I was visiting Cherie moves to Germany and she was telling me about The Bloggess and reaching out into the world and spreading love.  So I headed over there to find out more and behold there were people wanting connections and spreading love.  I quickly wrote down an address and sent a card off.

It is all about letting someone know they are thought of and not alone. Taking a few minutes to jot a line – to someone you know or don’t.  Bringing a smile to face when they read your card that came via snail mail.  Not into an already overflowing inbox.  It felt good to write that individual.  Also my postcards received positive responses.

This month’s challenge is detox. Or my form of detox. I am going to take one day at week and not engage on social media. I have to answer work email but this is all personal stuff.  No Facebook, Instagram or anything else for one day a week. I can do this.

I have the next book in a series I am reading (Louise Penny).  I am also participating in Camp NaNo. I will write by hand that day or jot ideas down. Plus there is always housework. Sigh.

If  you want to come along for the challenge with me that would be great. We can let each other know how we filled out social media blackout day.

You can always start now!




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