Blog Battle – Dusk


For some reason I am out of sync with my writing prompts (tired? winter? cold?) hmmm….. Regardless I’m back for Blog Battle. Check the site out for all the details and the other writers battling the word “dusk”.

She looked at the glass in front of her and closed her eyes. Was she ready for this?  The liquid in the glass was like nothing she had seen before. There was smoke coming off of it and the liquid was spirals of silver and gold.

Alice had pleaded for this opportunity.  Now she didn’t know if she could do it. Drink that. The light was quickly fading and dusk was almost here. That magical period where the drink would only work in those circumstances.  If she didn’t drink it now she would have to wait another year until her birthday day.  Plus would she be given the opportunity again? Alice doubted it.

She took a deep breath and picked up the glass. One continuous drink.  Alice closed her eyes so the smoke wouldn’t bother them and started to swallow. It tasted like black licorice. Seconds later it tasted like soap. The smell she associated with fresh cut Christmas trees. Everything was rapidly changing as she drank. Too fast to keep track of. Done.

Alice put the glass back on the table and felt exhausted. It was now dusk and the street lights were coming on.  She closed her eyes and leaned back in the chair. Nothing. This was a waste of time.

All of a sudden she felt cold and damp. Her eyes flew open and she was outside in a clearing looking at a manor house.  Alice looked around. Nothing was familiar. She pinched herself. Was this it? Her opportunity to find answers. Alice headed towards the house.

You can always start now!


28 thoughts on “Blog Battle – Dusk

  1. Gary says:

    I’m with Marian…first thoughts were Lewis Carroll and one bite makes you smaller, another makes you tall. Didn’t Jefferson Starship do a song about that? White Rabbit as I recall…minor digression… part two next month I trust 😊


      1. Gary says:

        Word association or writers association? Bit of both maybe lol. Sometimes it’s good to use prompts just to explore an idea. It it gains momentum then might be you’re onto something bigger. I use them mostly for back story dabbling. Helps me firm up an idea or find out more about characters. For me it’s way more fun than character sheets off the bat. Obviously that’s just my method!!


      2. Gary says:

        Shoot, no idea how I missed this one! Many apologies and I hope you managed to add it! I’m so far behind these days and need a good dose of mojo now!! Hope Easter went well with you too!


  2. tjbego says:

    So happy to read your #dusk inspiration blog! ~ It’s great for me to read more of your blogs, guys …. truly would like to add to my writing skills, some MORE of the real ‘fiction’, not just the FIX Ideas, which I have a lot of off! ~ Thanks, See you soon! ~
    P.S: I like your blog name, it seems appropriate for me, right? ~ TJ


  3. S.C. Jensen says:

    Interesting! I love the description of the taste from licorice, to soap, to pine trees. The three are very linked in my own brain, too. Of course, now I want to know more!


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