The ideal coffee shop

One of my treats is heading to a coffee shop at lunch time (or anytime!).  It is a time to sit, not make conversation and do one of my favorite thing! Start a “to do” list.  I also like to head to a coffee shop when I am off during the week to work.  Write a blog post, outlines, whatever. I feel I am in a working environment as there are usually other people on laptops there typing away.

At a recent coffee shop I started out at the bar overlooking the street, moved to a leather chair with my laptop on my lap. Neither of these were ideal scenarios for me. Problem was they had booths which sat four people but they were full with one person in each on their laptop.

This got me thinking to what my idea coffee shop would be. I want a variety of seating.  Two comfy chairs by an electric fireplace.  Two more comfy chairs in a corner.  A long table in the centre with easy to access electrical outlets. This would be for laptop users that enjoy sitting with others.  The rest of the space would have tables for two that could be moved together to create seating for four or more.  Of course these chairs have a bit of a cushion on them so not too hard.

There is music playing but faintly. To hear it you have to pay attention. It does not compete with conversation.  The lightening is on dimmer switches and all over the place.  The fireplace area can dim their lightening and it doesn’t affect the working table.

Of course it goes without saying the coffee is incredible. There is also a good selection of sweet and savory items.  Oh, and you can order a beer or glass of wine later in the afternoon. Say three.

When you look around there is vibrant, expressive, original artwork on the walls. Oh look the pieces are for sale. Lovely. Happy to support local artists.  There is also a bulletin board with local events posted.

What makes this coffee shop a bit unique is no take-out cups. You either bring your own travel mug or use one of theirs. No plastic at this shop.

This would be my ideal coffee shop. What would be your ideal coffee shop?

PS I have not yet found my  idea coffee shop. The shot above is one I have recently checked out. That is my jacket on the chair by the fireplace.  The coffee and food selection was good.

You can always start now!



12 thoughts on “The ideal coffee shop

    1. Your ideal coffee shop sounds lovely. We have a new one called The Tara Shop and no plastic whatsoever. You either bring a travel mug or use one of their mugs. No plastic/paper. Also sells bulk good but again glass jars you bring in or buy there. It is nice but not elegant and not enough tables space for me. Still want to support it.

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  1. The ambience in a coffe shop with comfy chairs, books and papers just oozes a deep exhale of stress. All that stress I am convinced is swallowed whole by the steam from the coffee machines. Anotjer lovely post.


  2. Char |

    Love the idea of a fireplace in the coffee shop, and dimmable lights, would really make it cosy. The one in the photos looks lovely too.


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