Life lessons – asking for what you need

This is a hard life lesson for me – I think this one stems back to childhood and just not feeling worthy enough.  You know, if I’m not worthy than who an I to ask for anything or receive it for that matter.  Watch your words adults!

The thing with not asking for what we need is that people are not mind readers. I know it seems like I am stating the obvious but I think a lot of time we feel people should know how we are feeling.  Can’t they see I am mad about……… that they should do this……

We set up expectations that are often not met. We get mad and frustrated. Instead of this, we could just ask.  I realize (my problem) asking could lead to a confrontation but sometimes a confrontation is better than stewing and getting angry and more frustrated. Or getting clarification on a misunderstanding.

Just ask. If we are unsure and need more information.  We need help on a project. We need follow through on a project. Or clarification of why something isn’t being met.  Instead of assuming someone doesn’t want to help or we don’t want to inconvenience them or they might say no. Just ask. If we need help or whatever. Just ask and then don’t take the answer personally.

We have to get over thinking we know the answer or that people don’t want to help. We can’t do it all alone.  Take a deep breath and start by asking for what you need.

Actually a no answer is better than not asking because we can move forward. Okay, there is no help in that quarter. Rethink and see what else can be done or who else could help. All good.

So life lesson it is okay – no more than okay – to ask for what you need.  On the flip side pay attention to what is happening around you.  In case you can be that person that says yes to someone before they have to ask! WOW can you imagine.

You can always start now!


6 thoughts on “Life lessons – asking for what you need

  1. Debbie Harris says:

    You have written such true words here! I agree it’s more than OK to ask for help. I go through periods when I feel ‘insufficient’ and even wrote about it recently when nominated for an award. Why do we do that to ourselves!


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