A year of challenges – snail mail

I want to report on last month’s challenge of spending less.  January and February were overall good months for me spending wise.  I kept track of every dollar spent.  January was the better (cheaper) month but only because I bought less groceries.

I did have one slip up in February when I went to IKEA.  IKEA has only been here for about a year and half.  The store is located across the bridge and not pedestrian friendly getting there.  Meaning you basically need a vehicle. Which I don’t have. So when friends want to go – I’m there.  I enjoy walking around the rooms as my type of eye candy. That said my slip up was a mason jar and a flower-pot. Total under $10 Canadian so not that bad. I want to be transparent.

I’m not going to go wild in March but I do have a few events coming up so $$ spending there.  I have season tickets to the theatre and we have dinner before hand.  Play tonight (or the evening this post comes out).

I was going to do a social media challenge for this month, but had a snow day on Sunday.  Change of plans as I decided to write a friend a letter (by hand).  So challenge for this month is now snail mail.  A minimum of one snail mail card/letter each week.  I’m checking off this week as I dropped the letter into the mailbox on my way into work.

Feel free to accept my challenge of snail mail this month!  If you are like me you enjoy receiving a letter and/or card in the mail. It is such a treat now.  So why not give a friend an unexpected surprise! Go for it!

I’ll report back next month!

You can always start now!


10 thoughts on “A year of challenges – snail mail

  1. Cheryl

    Your friends will be delighted to receive some snail mail from you, of that I’m absolutely sure! Who doesn’t like to get a letter or card in the post. It’s almost non-existent now, I think, especially for the younger generation. It’s kind of sad that they won’t know the pleasure of waiting for the postman and getting something special from someone. Life is changing too fast!


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