52 List Project


A friend saw this book and immediately thought of me. I am a list person so this is right up my alley.  She also bought one for herself so we could do it together this year.

Of course, as soon as I received it I was all over it. 52 weeks!! That is so not going to happen.  I had to literally put the book away before I got too far ahead.

The book is broken up into seasons. List 1 is your goals and dreams for this year.  I had already completed this before the holidays as had my 2019 intentions done.  Other lists include happiest moments in your life so far, favorite characters from books, movies etc. and favorite quotes. These are just a few in the winter section.

Over coffee my friend and I sit with our books and share our lists. Our goals and dreams for the year were not earth shattering and we had already talked about a few of them previous. For her a kitchen renovation is a high priority.

Some that sparked more interesting conversations were happiest moments in your life and soundtrack of your life right now.  We changed the soundtrack to different periods of our lives. We shared memories that we likely wouldn’t have if not writing these lists. You know just things that wouldn’t have come up.

We met at work so there is a whole life-time of stories to share. The soundtrack was interesting as we YouTube the songs to listen to and told each other why they made the list. Where we where and what was happening during that period of our lives. It opened so many other conversations about relationships, regrets and possibilities.

A few lists that are coming up are favorite quotes, things you should ignore, things you treasure the most and your best qualities.  I know these will spark conversations. I’m good with the quotes as I have a Pinterest board where I capture them.  Best qualities – well that one I might be sitting on for a while.

Doing this project with a friend has been fun and interesting. We are getting to know each other on a different level. Sharing things that might not have every come up. Teasing out more information over the whys and where’s.

There are other 52 lists books out there also you might be interested in. There are 52 lists of togetherness and 52 lists of happiness. Any and all would be fun to do with family and friends.

I’m looking forward to continuing my winter lists and moving into spring, summer and fall.  Looking ahead I see some interesting conversations coming up that.

You can always start now!



20 thoughts on “52 List Project

  1. I liked, tweeted and pinned. Such a great way to organize lists in 52 of them so you could do them by week?? Great idea to have friends or family share with you – bet you get to discover people on a whole new level. 🙂


  2. In all our craziness over the remainder of the winter… my 52 lists book got pushed under my bed. Where I didn’t successfully make one single list! I tried list 1… and felt the list wasn’t good enough. However, I will be restarting this next week when springs ‘officially” hits with list number #14!


    1. I don’t think you have to do the lists in order. There were some fun ones before #14. Like favorite songs, favorite memories (or days). Have a flip back and check out a few. Do you want to post a page to do on Instagram and I’ll comment and give you a push!!


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