My alphabet year !

I’ve been very fortunate in my life to meet great people at the bus stop.  Some are “bus stop friends” where we catch up at the bus stop or sitting on the bus on the way home.  Others I can now call friends away from the bus stop. We know each other’s birthdays. We celebrate our wins together. Oh yes I’ll be at your fundraiser.  That works for me on Saturday. That sort of thing. One bus stop friend celebrated her 50th birthday in October and on January 1, 2018 she decided to do a 50 list of firsts.

It was fun and I wanted to hear what she was up to all year and even helped her experience a few firsts. Oysters was one. Yes, she tried  them for the FIRST time.  This was fun as we were at another bus stop friend’s school fundraiser. She completed her 50 first list with pictures I might add.  I took the one of her eating her first oyster. Click. PS it was my first oyster also.

The other day at the bus stop (it is winter so neither of us are walking or biking as much) she came up with another idea. She enjoyed her 50 new things so much she wants to do something this year. So this year she is tackling the alphabet. The plan is to try, experience, read, eat – you get the idea – something she has never had or done before. The alphabet does not have to be completed in order and there is some flexibility. Her idea. Her rules. She tried archery for the first time over the weekend.  Also she had a Boston cream at a coffee shop she had never been to before. She is counting these as her “A” and “B”.  The flexibility comes into play in that she could have used the name of the coffee shop as her “R”.

Well, I thought this was a neat idea. So before she got off the bus I was in. I’m doing the alphabet this year! We started tossing around ideas on the bus . Once I’m committed to something it is pretty well a done deal. Next is to put my thinking cap on for my alphabet year.  I would love to hear what you think of this idea.  Also please give me suggestions!  Maybe a book to read? A drink to try?  I’m open as I think some letters will be harder than others.

I’m looking forward to this as it will push me a little to try new things.  Oh, I now have my “U” as I went to Unplugged at our Conventions Centre. It was a first year anniversary party for the convention centre with music and treats. Check!

Would love for you to join us. We’ve set up a #2019abcyear on Instagram to capture out adventures.  I would love to see your ABC year there also!!

You can always start now!

29 thoughts on “My alphabet year !

  1. awandafulthing says:

    I was thinking about this challenge and my mind said – no way could I try 26 different things i one year, lol
    Then I really started thinking about it and I’ve already done quite a few letters. I love a good challenge, so game on.


  2. leannelc says:

    This is a fantastic idea! I might see if I can get myself a list together – I could report on it in my end of month “coffee” post – now to let it simmer in the back of my brain!


  3. Anindya says:

    Great idea :)… can relook at the amazing acting by Heath Ledger as Joker in the Batman movie Dark Night… can also look forward to the last season of The Homeland due in June this year……..and also can make your deductions on the probable Oscar winners this year… there you go…. ‘H’ ‘L’ ‘J’ ‘D’ ‘N’ ‘O’…..


    1. You Can Always Start Now says:

      Bus stop friends are lovely and can become friends off the bus. One bus stop friend spoke at my mother’s funeral they had become that close over the years. Do the ABC year with us – use #2019abcyear and let’s see what we all come up with. I know I might need support and ideas for certain letters.

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  4. Jess (This Changing Nest) says:

    This is the post I’ve been popping over here to find… and somehow I get distracted every time. Either I start reading something else or something happens at my own house forcing me off the computer (or phone) before I found it!

    This is an awesome idea for a year! I’m actually sitting here astonished that you have bus stop people! I feel like in my area everyone is so caught up in what they are doing (or trying not to offend someone OR trying to make sure they don’t get robbed) they just keep to themselves. It’s kind of sad… but maybe there are friendships within the group as well. I just don’t notice it because it’s not something I do regularly!


    1. You Can Always Start Now says:

      One of my bus stop people spoke at my mom’s funeral as they had become good friends. I would love for you do join ABC year. If you do post with #2019abcyear so we can all see each other pictures in on place. Remember it can be anything like a few coffee shop or a book! Saw a new coffee shop opening that started with Villa…. first thought OH that could be my “V”! Possibilities!!


      1. ellenbest24 says:

        Zucchini, for you over the big wet. I make a mean carrot cake, half courgette ( Zucchini) and half carrott with a handfull of walnut or pecans in your case. You could make it topped with cream cheese icing luscious. It is very moist and no one ever believes there is courgette inside.


  5. ellenbest24 says:

    ‘I am Malala ‘ a book by Malala Yousafzai a non fiction book about Malala shot for Promoting education and standing up to the Taliban . Isbn number 987-1-7802-2658-3 she was the youngest nobel peace prize nominee ever. This book could be your Y.


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