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It was the best spot in the house. The light was perfect for reading, needlework or just sitting. When I closed my eyes I could see a chair in the corner with a side table big enough to hold a cup of coffee or glass of wine. Along with a book of course. The chair would be large enough for me to curl my legs up on and tuck under by bottom. I would close my eyes and enjoy the sun and warmth on my face even in the dead of winter.  All of this should have been possible, but it wasn’t. I didn’t have access to the best spot in the house. Nope. I could barely get half way into the room if truth be told. It was off-limits.

The best spot in the house was reserved for the flowers. The large tea trolley was angled just so to take up every inch of the corner and was rotated at precise  intervals so that all flowers would have the best possible light to bloom. I couldn’t deny the flowers in a riot of pink, violet and yellow weren’t pretty. But seriously? Did they have to take up the whole corner where the best light was? It was also the nicest view which I got to appreciate when I stood half way into the room and looked out the window. Yes, the tea trolley took up that much room. Along with a large table also situated at best advantage to dominated the rest of the room.

Oh well it didn’t really matter since I hardly every spent any time in this room.  There was no comfortable chair to sit in and the temperature was kept at the exact degree the flowers needed. Which was too hot for me.  Hence, I stood half way into the room, looking out the best window, with the best light and again thinking dangerous thoughts of poison and freedom.  I want you to know I would never dare use poison on the flowers – they are innocent bystanders in this scenario. I am not that callous.

PS I could be a flower lover if they were outside.

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39 thoughts on “Blog Battle – Flower

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  2. S.C. Jensen

    I like this little vignette! I’m curious about whose flowers they are, and who has cruelly given the best reading spot to them. Full disclosure: I also would never intentionally kill a houseplant, but they seem to wilt in my very presence. Luckily for me, that means I get to keep the best spots for myself.


    1. Total fiction. I do have a tea trolley of African violets, jade and ivy. They partially have the best spot in the room as by balcony door facing south-west. I do think plants add to a decor. Maybe you haven’t found your plant yet – you might need something more forgiving. African Violets only need to be watered weekly. Jade is easy also.

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  3. What fun–well, for the flowers anyway. My mom had a big flower container that sat in a window and I remember thinking the same thing, especially during the winter. It was the best light and also the warmest spot in the room!


  4. Good to see you in the BlogBattle again! I can sense that jealousy of flower verses that’s the spot I want to be in. Loads of questions sit in this, who owns the house? Why are the flowers there? Why do I sense an element of loneliness in the protagonist? Would they become more aggrieved over time until the urge to “tamper” with them grew too large?

    Odd thing for me, is now I try and write myself…the more questions my head conjures when reading others!


    1. Questions are a good thing when reading yours and others work! I do it too “what is behind that? What are they going to do?” I enjoy my plants – even if in a good spot! I do think they bring warmth and color into a home. Hope you are back to writing and making progress!!

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      1. Very true. I think good writing in short fiction must have questions for a reader. It’s one thing that keeps pages turning in a book. Hopefully I’ll be back more once spring starts. I have so much going on in the first two months of the year. Priorities and all that!


      2. Starting to. New year is always a rush here. Well first two months. I’ve finally caught up a bit though! Handy really as it coincides with seeing the daylight hours increase! Yes to NaNo camp. I have a long overdue novel needing around five chapters to finish. I figured that might give me a good target. Are you still thinking about it too?


      3. I’d suggest a read through first making notes as you go. Makes the actual edit easier. Superb target for the camp though! Must make sure we link up 😊


      4. I tend to use a hard copy and a pen. Bit of an ink drain yes, but it feels more tangible. That said I can edit as I go if I’m reading it on a screen now. I keep intending to get a handle on Scrivener. I’ve heard that’s excellent, but hard to get to know. I’m way to familiar with word to let that go easily though…my bad!


      5. It does. I write electronically and just use pen to edit a draft. By that I mean flag areas that need attention or annotate ideas. I could do it on word with track changes on with reminders added on the first true read through. That said there’s no one rule here. We all find what works best for us. 😊


      6. Have to say I never hand write anything when generating material. Only reading the drafts do I use a pen. More so in summer when it’s nice as I can go out and read in the sun. Then it’s back to the screen lol


      7. I really need to yes. Have a couple of issues niggling at me, but I have a manuscript to finish and the Camp is probably the place to do it!


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