A year of challenges – this month self-care

I’ve been thinking about posts for 2019.  I’m seeing challenges on various blogs from no shopping, more reading and less eating variety.  I’m not someone who likes to set a total ban on my activities.  So I’m going to challenge myself and hopefully you to something different.

A monthly challenge broken down weekly.  I’ll report back the following month on how I did and tell you that month’s challenge.

The first Thursday of the month (realize a week late!!) I’m going to post my goal or challenge for that month.  I want to do a variety of things to shake my year up.  Drum roll please…… my challenge for January is self-care.

My plan is to break down my challenge into weekly goals.  So each week do something in line with that month’s challenge.  For self-care I’m planning on a facial, a glorious bath with some Christmas products and mulling over two other items for the month.

I have a few other months already planned out and hoping this keeps me on track with my intentions for the year.  If you have an idea we could try for a monthly challenge let me know in the comments.

You can always start now!


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