Weekly journaling – week 51

Dec 17   Nicknames and pet names I’ve been called.  My name isn’t one that I thought could be shortened.  It is two syllables.  It wasn’t until I was working that co-workers actually found a way to lob off the last syllable.  Well done ladies.

Dec 18   The fictional character I most relate to. I’m not sure about this one. I have fictional characters I think I have pieces of but most relate to…..  I think this is what makes us unique – not like anyone else in the world.  What fictional character out there that once commits stays the course. Is willing to adjust, but not give up until the job/class/etc is finished.

Dec 19   Two truths and one line about myself (no particular order).

  1. I’ve been hot air ballooning
  2. I’ve been on a camel
  3. I’ve been in a helicopter

Dec 20   My favorite thing to do when I am home alone is to read. Currently I am reading Louise Penny (Canadian mystery author). She writes a mystery series set in a small Quebec town.

Dec 21   Highlights of my life so far.  The people I have met and places I have seen.  Being privileged enough to have traveled to different parts of the world and experiencing different cultures.  Purchasing my home and slowly renovating it to be an expression of me.

Chapter one:  Deciding a job could wait and taking off to backpack in Australia and New Zealand for a year.

Chapter two:  Travel. Using my vacation time to experience/see Italy, France, Spain, Egypt and more.

Chapter three:  Finally hitting publish on my first blog post. That lead to hitting publish on a few other things.

Dec 22/23   The best thing I’ve seen all week is people getting excited for the holidays. Making plans, bringing in treats to work and getting together with friends to celebrate.

You can always start now!



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