Weekly journaling – week 49

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Dec 3   The donut of my dreams (glaze and toppings). A Boston cream. I like the custard inside with the chocolate on the top.

Dec 4  6 things I love about myself:

  1. My curiosity
  2. Being happy being alone
  3. That I can still run for the bus
  4. Low maintenance hair (or maybe I don’t care.)
  5. Commitment (if I say it I do it)
  6. Can entertain myself

Dec 5  3 things I’m thankful for today:

  1. Finally blue sky
  2. New Netflix show to watch. Two individuals recommended the Honourable Woman
  3. Making plans with friends for later in the week

Dec 6  What my “safe space” would look like.  I think my safe place is home. Walking through the front door knowing I made it through the day.

Dec 7  My favorite way to procrastinate is to read a book or blogs. There is nothing like escaping into a good book. Especially if it is the next in a series you are reading.

Dec 8/9  Something I can share with (or gift to) my neighbours. I can share my time and energy. Help them move furniture, sort through items and carry groceries upstairs. This weekend it was Christmas decorations from their storage locker.


You can always start now!





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