Weekly journaling – week 48

Nov 26   A new skill I learned this week.   How to….. I don’t think I learned a new skill this week.  I was busy writing for NaNo as deadline to validate was Friday.  I was also in denial that December 1st was Saturday.

Nov 27   A new holiday I would like to introduce is self-awareness day.  We would celebrate by having open studios for individuals to try yoga and meditation.  There would be public lectures on living your best life and what that could look like.

Nov 28   An item of clothing that belongs to someone I love.  I have and wear my mother’s duffel coat. It is wool and fake fur lining. It is the warmest coat I have every worn.

Nov 29   Good feelings bottled up – waking up to find fresh snow on the ground and blue sky. Not enough snow to make it hard going  but enough to make everything pretty and the sun shining.

Nov 30   Songs that give me a confidence boost:

  • I did it my way
  • Uptown funk
  • Rather be

Dec 1 & 2   My home away from home is anywhere I travel and drop my bag.  All I need is a clean and safe place at the end of the day.

You can always start now!



14 thoughts on “Weekly journaling – week 48

  1. The Tea Chest ♥ says:

    Love the sound of a self awareness day, market vibe with samples of herbal teas, kombucha, Shakti Mat demos…oooooo the list is endless 🙏☕


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