Weekly journaling – week 47

Nov 19   My special collection on.  Of course this would be books. I have two bookcases in my bedroom. Besides books I have one shelf of angels I have collected over the years.

Nov 20   A little gift for myself. This would be to head to a coffee shop and sit and write. Oh and people watch.

Nov 21   Scent of the day. Hard as I work in an scent-free environment. I guess if pushed I would say fresh air. By that I mean no population smell.

Nov 22   The really good nap I had this year. Okay for me a nap would be a fantasy. I would love one but have a hard time napping or falling asleep.  My fantasy nap would be in a cottage on the beach. With the doors opened (French doors from the bedroom opening up to a patio) and the wind, sound of the ocean and smell of water lulling me to sleep.

Nov 23   The perfect way to spend a Saturday:

  •   8 am …..I am having my first cup of coffee and checking out my peeps on Facebook group
  •  12 pm…. I am finishing up my errands for the day
  •   3 pm….. I am sitting with friends at a microbrewery catching up
  •   9 pm……I am home and watching the next episode in a series and I really enjoying

Nov 24 / 25  What my 14-year-old self would say if they could see me now. What took you so long to like and accept yourself?


You can always start now!






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