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I am coming under the wire for Blog Battle. Head over to get all the details and check out other battlers!!

I’m doing NaNo this month which has been a bit time-consuming. So I decided to flush my character’s thoughts over education for Blog Battle.

The things you took for granted and never thought twice about. It was a given you would go to school, have a roof over your head and possibilities for the future. Liz had never considered her gender being an obstacle to anything.

But here, in this world, she realized all she had taken for granted had come at a price. Yes, she knew the basic history of the women’s movement. Women getting the vote. That they hadn’t always been allowed to further their education like men.  Since it didn’t touch her it was whatever.

Now in this world Liz acknowledged she was privileged by the women who went before her. Who had fought and won rights and privileges she took for granted. Here she was abnormal. A girl who could read and write. She had been accused of being a witch because of it.

Liz made a promise that if she made it home she would never take her life and choices for granted. Because it wasn’t just this world that thought women were second class or objects to be owned. If she took off her sense of privilege she would see that there were still girls at home not getting an education because of gender. Girls being married off at ridiculous young ages.

She had thought this world was so far below her’s. It was hundreds of year in the past, but having been persecuted for being a girl she had to admitted home wasn’t as advanced as she natively thought.

You can always start now!


13 thoughts on “Blog Battle – Educate

    1. Amelia says:

      That is so true. One of the biggest things I’m grateful for is being Canadian (know there are other countries that feel that same way). So much I take for granted – good to have a reality check every so often.


  1. Gary says:

    Liking this character and the preambulations going on about past sacrifices to empower current living. I find the subjugation of women’s rights a woeful part of the past. People are people with thoughts, feelings, emotions, aspirations whatever their gender, background, race or religion. We simply must learn from the past and not repeat failings of it now or in the future. To ignore it is to lessen the actions of people in history. That said I’m no longer sure people at large now really grasp that they are privalaged and owe past sacrifices a great deal.

    Brilliant on NaNo too. Have to say it felt weird not doing it this year!


    1. Amelia says:

      I’m with you there. I find feminism for some young women is almost a dirty word. Bra burning women WHAT! Not realizing that sometime you have to take in your face action to be seen. My rant for the day!!


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