Weekly journaling – week 46

Nov 12  Three things I’m thankful for today:

  1. It is a holiday Monday for me so didn’t have to set the alarm last night
  2. Caught up with some housework
  3. Unexpected supper with a friend

Nov 13  A big decision I’m trying to make. What my head is telling me is to explore it further. What my heart is telling me is just do it.

Nov 14  Let the countdown begin. Something to get excited about is the holidays.  I treat the whole month of December as the holidays.  Decorating, meeting friends, having friends over, crafts and eating of course.  For me it is not one day and wham it is over. It is taking the time to savour the whole month as special and making the most out of it.

Nov 15  These are a few of my favourite things:

W is for the wind.  I love the wind on my face.

X is for Xerox.  I am dating myself but xeroxing is what we used to call photocopying years ago!!

Nov 16  Some big steps I’ve taken this year. Looking at finances and what I am paying and if changes can be made.

Nov 17 / 18  The moment when I faced my fears. Hitting the publish button for my novel online.  Finally letting it go. Regardless of it not being perfect.  FYI it will never be. Nothing ever is.

You can always start now!





Nov 12 three things I’m thankful for today

6 thoughts on “Weekly journaling – week 46

  1. I was just told this by an editor … you will always find something you wish you had done differently. So in the words of Oasis ‘Don’t look back in anger.’ Or frustration, perfection is in our heads, not other people’s. Theirs have different measuring impliments. 😁😂


    1. I just decided to get rid of cable as costs going up and up so that box checked. I think it is looking at what we are paying out and thinking do we need it? Cheaper options? This is my current plan.


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