Weekly journaling – week 45


Nov 5  What I am saving up for is hopefully a trip with my sister.

Nov 6  The sounds I can hear right now. White noise. The ventilation system working. Boring I know.  But I have to say it beats the drilling taking place upstairs for a renovation.

Non 7  Things I never get tired of looking at are trees and the ocean.

Nov 8  Little ways I take care of myself:

  • I try to get outside on my lunch hour
  • Exercise
  • Water. I fill my water bottle first thing when I get to work
  • Reading and writing as always takes me places

Nov 9  Spot the difference….

  • My office space at work has no window and white noise all around me. The reason I have to get out at lunch is to see non-artificial light and fresh air.
  • My office space at home has a window to the left. During the nice weather I open the window. Plus I can see trees out my window which makes me happy.

Nov 10/11  My idea for an adult playground. This would be a forest with a twisty walking path. There would be lots of trees and the light would filter through them.  At the end of the walk there would be a lovely old stone building. Inside the building would be a fire in the stone fireplace. This fireplace is located in the library of course.  There is a kitchen – fully equipped with baker and chef who make up delicious meals and pastries for people after their walks.


You can always start now!






2 thoughts on “Weekly journaling – week 45

    1. There is just something about both I am drawn to. Live on the east coast of Canada so can see harbour from my bus stop. We are lucky as lots of tree in the city and beautiful. Yes to you getting to the ocean in the Spring!! I can see a blog post there!!


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