Weekly journaling – week 44

October 29  Anything interesting I can see out the window.  I was off today so out my bedroom window  I can see trees. Their leaves are mostly yellow now and the majority are on the ground.  My desk is in a corner so I just have to barely turn my head left to see out the window.

October 30   3 things I’m thankful for today:

  1. It didn’t rain on my walk to work this morning and was warm. Pavement soaked so did pour earlier in the morning.
  2. Departments at work started to decorate for Halloween and trick and treating tomorrow with the inpatients
  3. Had time to crash at home in the evening.

October 31  My Halloween face this year. Normal. Didn’t dress up.

Nov 1  A new friend.  I’m going with newer. As in over a year. When she came to do a maternity leave replacement in our office. You know who are you!! She also did Creative Liberation with me.

Nov 2   What’s been inspiring me lately. A story idea I have been thinking about for National Novel Writing Month in November.  Plan is to start writing this weekend.

Nov 3 / 4  Deliciousness on my tongue.  A light chocolate cake a co-worker brought in on Friday. I managed to squeeze a good size piece into my lunch container to take home.


You can always start now!



3 thoughts on “Weekly journaling – week 44

  1. Anindya says:

    Nice one Amelia…..seems the week ended in a very delicious way with that cake….:)…..and Creative Liberation ?…is that a new course at college ? …..loved reading your week post ….:)


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