Stream of Consciousness – point (but different)

Linda G Hill stream of consciousness Saturday  is upon us.  Every week Linda gives us a writing prompt and we just go for it. This week it was a bit different as it was “point”.  As in open a book and point to a word or phrase and write about it. So here I go.

Alice had heard enough. It was lie after lie. At this point Sophia couldn’t even keep her story straight. The third time through she had a new person in the room playing an important part. Of course it was a person Alice wasn’t familiar with.  When asked where was this person the previously, Sophia huffed and said he was there I told you this before.

At this point Alice was done. She told her sister great. Than you deal with it all or get these friends to help you and walked out of the room. This time Alice was not going down with her sister. This time she had too much to lose.


The page and sentence that my finger pointed to was he walked out of the room so I went with that!

You can always start now!


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