Weekly journaling – week 43

October 22   Wish upon a star. That time would slow down.

October 23   What I am most pedantic about.  Young people on transit sitting in seats reserved for seniors or people with a disability and NOT moving when these individuals get on the bus.

October 24   Good feelings bottled up.  Being able to come home and read a book before starting anything else!

October 25   Snack attack. Today it was salt for some reason.

October 26   A brilliant idea I had recently. To start a new series on the blog called simple things. A category where I can capture simple crafts and ideas.

October 27 /28   Flavor of the week.  Getting enough social versus alone time. Felt off this week so knew my balance was more alone time over the weekend. Wasn’t sure exactly what this prompt was asking. The picture was a salt and pepper shakers so I’m going with an either or.  Would be interested in your take of flavor of the week.


You can always start now!



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