Creative liberation – 5 minutes

A friend and fellow blogger (Natalie is finding balance) said we should do this! She did Estelle’s SHE course and loved it. Estelle is also her yoga instructor.  Natalie knows if it is something new and creative I’m in.  So we both signed up for a 5 day creative liberation class Marks & Doodles.

Check Estelle Thomson Art & Yoga  for other on-line classes.  Estelle says we are all creative. To forget what you were told as a child if it was negative. Just get your paints, markers, crayons and pens out and for five days create. Estelle gave us a prompt via a video each day. Few examples are lines, squares and dots. Just fill the page.

All we had to commit to was to create for 5 minutes a day. Yep, that is it. Set the alarm and lose yourself for 5 minutes.  Come on we all have five minutes. Pause here and think about how much time you scroll through social media. I imagine it is a tad more than 5 minutes.

It was suggested to have smaller sized pieces of paper like 5 x 5 inches. I thought that was too small, so day one used a bigger sheet. My reasoning was I would fill that 5 x 5 in a minute and have nothing else to do. Wrong. I set the alarm and started my Day 1 – dots.  The alarm went off and I was like WHAT! I didn’t have half my painting done.  So I tried it again with a smaller piece of paper and that is how I continued the following days.

I couldn’t believe how fast the 5 minutes went. Dipping my brush into paint, water and onto paper. Making dots, lines and swirls. Thinking about what colour to try next. More paint, less paint and just being in the flow.  Not over thinking the end result because it didn’t matter. It was just enjoying that quiet time and being mindful for 5 minutes. Seriously when the alarm went off every time for 5 days I was totally unprepared for it.

That got me thinking, as we are all creative, that maybe we should take 5 minutes to explore it. It might not be watercolours.  Maybe it is colouring, drawing with a sharpie or coloured pencils. What about writing for 5 minutes?  If you are like me 5 minutes will go by so fast and you’ll continue for another five at least. But why not just start – 5 minutes. Set that alarm and go for it. I think you will be surprised at how focus you will be and for 5 minutes.

PS if you want to see all our creativity head over to Instagram #doodlemefree

You can always start now!



6 thoughts on “Creative liberation – 5 minutes

  1. Nicole Starbuck says:

    Awesome! I have an arts background but haven’t practiced much lately because of the time commitment, but after reading your post, I realize that five minutes is better than nothing!


    • Amelia says:

      It was and you could actually create something (if piece was small enough). I enjoyed it. She was another course (paying) starting in November birds and nature I think.


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