Stream of Consciousness Saturday – can

That time of the week for Linda’s stream of consciousness Saturday.  Head over to Linda’s site for all the details and to check out other Stream of Consciousness Saturday posts.

I have been cantankerous this week.  Don’t ask me why. The weather has gotten colder.  But seriously, it is mid October in Canada no big surprise.  I’m not sleeping great – again no big surprise. I decided to write down the date to see if there are any trends over my cantankerous mood.

Could it just be mid-month and I’m thinking what the #&$% happened? I don’t think I feel overwhelmed – can you be overwhelmed and not know it? Let me know.  How do you get out of a difficult or cantankerous mood?

You can always start now!

PS I don’t mean the cantankerous mood part!!!

8 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday – can

      1. The dark start is always hard to get used to. I guess we get a reprieve in a few weeks, but it won’t last very long. I switched jackets today (it was 23 when I left) and I wore lightweight gloves.


      2. You have me recalculating in my head over temperatures from F to C. Yes 23 is cold and gloves are needed! Clocks go back first weekend in November so will make a difference for a bit but it won’t last! Winter is coming!!


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