Ageing Exquisitely – the ultimate secret

“the ultimate secret to ageing exquisitely is to identify more with the part of yourself that doesn’t grow older – the inner parts.”

I read the above quote and knew I had to share it. Ageing is something a lot of individuals struggle with.  But if we turn to our inner parts like our sense of humor, compassion, gift to gab and listen to understand, these grow with us as we age they don’t diminish.

The person we see in the mirror is not all of us. That reflection is only a small part – maybe even just the vessel. What we fill in the vessel is what is important.  Don’t stop experiencing, learning and growing. Take classes, travel, socialize and create the life you want. Age is just a number. Don’t let it dictate how you create the life you want.

Things we can do to age exquisitely are:

  1. Make a plan.  Visualise who you want to be at any age and put it into action now
  2. Take care of your body it has to last a lifetime
  3. Take risks – remember you regret what you didn’t do more than what you did so…..
  4. Get to know your spiritual self.  Explore, question and identify with the person inside who is still playful and wanting to learn and experience.

Remember what we see in the mirror is only a small part of us. Yes we should be taking care of ourselves physically and also mentally and identifying with the whole.  Not getting caught up in what society/media dictates how we should look or how we should age. Or act for that matter.

What is age appropriate? Well I say we get to decide. Not society and certainly not people who want to shut us down. We are so much more than that and if we don’t start appreciating what we have to offer no one else will.

Idea taken from Creating a Charmed Life by Victoria Moran.

You can always start now!


37 thoughts on “Ageing Exquisitely – the ultimate secret

  1. Yes. Our body is only a small part of who we truly are. It’s important to be aware of our inner selves, and accept who we are. Remember also that we are all unique and don’t need to be carbon copies of someone else.


    1. I feel it is a privilege to grow old as so many people don’t get the chance. I am also enjoying the aging process as more self acceptance, freedom and awareness of what is important has come with it.


  2. This is a great post. I agree with many of these. I think ageing is something everyone has trouble coming to terms with and I have often felt fearful of it. Getting to know my spiritual self has been a huge help in this.


    1. You spiritual self only grows it is ageless (so to speak). I have found more acceptance of myself through aging. I am a good person. This is the package I am working with. This came with age for me. So it is all good.


  3. There are many playful things I’ve always wanted to do. But apparently, I’ve always done them in the wrong way. The older I’ve gotten, the more things I’ve failed at. Something is totally wrong as my enthusiasm for my writing unnoticed wavers like spit in a tsunami. Actually, I don’t care about my appearance anymore because I’m invisible mostly except for bits of writing. Aging is all bad for the unwise unless death is swift and painless which rarely naturally happens nowadays. My friend the High Priestess has from time to time helped me write my blog but she is getting lost too. Sometimes catastrophes can be discouraging.
    She takes over the blog


    1. I think as human beings the one thing we have to hold on to is hope. I know hard at times and often can feel impossible. You are not invisible. Maybe getting lost is a promise of a new direction. take care


    1. It is hard to see people we care about failing. I remember someone told me about celebrating birthdays and people saying they hate them to consider the alternative. So many people don’t have the privilege of even getting to adulthood. I guess I want to say is take care of yourself and create the life you want at any age. We are going to age so make the most of what you can do at any age and enjoy.


  4. Age is just a social construct, created to limit, to compartmentalize, to constrain. There’s not a single part of my life that’s not better now at 70, than it was 30 years ago. Even (especially?) sex! Joi de vivre. With every passing year I love my life more. One exception: Colds are fewer, but when they hit, they hit harder. Achoo.


    1. I agree society (well current) has made ageing something we should be fighting instead of embracing. I feel better about myself as I get older – more sure, less tied to what others think. Plus I think of all the kids, young adults that don’t have the opportunity to celebrate 50, 60 and 70. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Tell him 40 for me was embracing the package full-on. Realizing I am more than okay as I am and I don’t and won’t change to suite other peoples’ idea of what 40 or me should be. It was actually liberating. It is a whole new chapter to full with amazing things. Wish him happy birthday and tell him 40 rocks. Also consider the alternative.


  5. I know it is harder for some than others…But positive thoughts do help …I am thankful for every day I wake up as many of my friends haven’t …But age is just a number and we are the age we believe ourselves to be..Mainly in our head but it does shine forth if we believe and I think I can do things now which I couldn’t or wouldn’t have and it will be tolerated….I took my first motorbike taxi a month ago…It took at least 5 mins of cajoling by my friend and then I thought what the heck..I enjoyed it…I have now been told as I am now experienced in the art( haha) what planet is she on… that it will be our mode of transport next month when I visit…My kids think it is great by the way…


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