Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Flower/Flour

Happy Stream of Consciousness Saturday.  Check out Linda G Hill for all the details and other writing prompts.  Fast recap Stream of Consciousness is take the prompt and write. Don’t over think or edit just go for it.

I grew up with plants in our home.  My mother would plant flowers in her flower beds in the summer.  Our yard wasn’t large, as it was a row house in the city.  Our backyard had flowers beds along the back and down one side of the yard. The other side was a fence and behind the fence was where Teddy lived. Teddy was a large German Shepard who was one of my best friends and protectors growing up.

Teddy and I would play in our yards with the fence between us.  We never played without the fence between us.  My mom would come out announce supper or whatever and in I would go.  But if my mother or anyone came out and raised their voice to me, my friend Teddy went ballistic on his side of the fence. Jumping and charging the fence at the person with the raised voice directed at me.  It was a sight as Teddy was a large dog.

How I went from flower to Teddy is stream of consciousness at its best. Flowers, yard, me, Teddy. Makes sense now.

You can always start now!


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