Weekly journaling – week 37

Sept 10  A very positive review of today.  Weather has been nice. Everyone is back from summer vacations. So September rolls in and I feel like I have been shot out of a cannon (every year!). Today first of meetings and it was short. No joke. Short and sweet. Happy day.

Sept 11  A special family recipe. I don’t have one. My mother made good date squares and banana bread but the recipe wasn’t a secret. Baking was her thing. She enjoyed using her hands by sewing, knitting and crocheting. My sisters and I all have tablecloths mom crocheted for us.

Sept 12  My light at the end of the tunnel is knowing I have an extra long weekend in October for Canadian Thanksgiving. Took the Tuesday off also!

Sept 13  Pie chart of what I am most grateful for in the world.

Friends/Family 45%

My home 15%

Life choices (hobbies, social time) 25%

Work (I have flexibility and don’t take work home) 15%

Sept 14  My favorite mode of transport and why. That would be walking. As it is stress reliever. Gets me outdoors.  If travelling walking allows me to see neighbourhoods in a different light than driving. It is free and environmental friendly.

Sept 15/16  Weekend plans:

option A was wine tour that we already have book.

option B if the wine tour cancelled we will met downtown for drinks/munchies Saturday afternoon.

option C crash at home and clean house, read, blog and putter.


You can always start now!


9 thoughts on “Weekly journaling – week 37

  1. Anindya says:

    Seems like a lovely week for you. Yes, there are so many things to do and so much planning goes into, and then things can turn out entirely different. Nice journaling …..:)


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