Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Round


It is that time of the week for Linda G Hill Stream of Consciousness Saturday.  Head over to Linda’s for all the details. Fast recap.  Just write. Take the prompt and go for it!

There is something about a circle that seems complete and soft. The soft might be throwing you.  The complete not so much.  Being round there is a starting and ending point. Nothing is left hanging.  It is all done with one turn of the wrist.

Now soft. I’m thinking no hard edges in my roundness. Nothing should be sticking out, waiting for something to hang on it. It you bump into it you bounce off (in my world). No bruising takes place with roundness.  Roundness being soft has the potential to be fluffy. I know I might be pushing it now but whatever. My SOCS so I get to go with it!!

What words do you associate with round?

You can always start now!


5 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Round

  1. Dan Antion says:

    I think you’re fine with soft. In woodworking, it’s a common practice to ‘soften’ the edges of furniture by rounding them over a little bit. This is particularly true with things you can bump into. Nicely done.


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