Weekly journaling – week 34

Aug 20  Where I can go when I need a smile. I either try to get outside for a walk or curl up with a good book.  I might not get a smile per say but I decompress.

Aug 21   If my life were a romantic comedy:  Me not getting enough alone time and finally exploding with “please tell me you are not talking to me again in this evening.” Response “I just asked if you wanted a coffee.”  Me “Oh, thanks that sounds good.” Not sure a comedy except for me exploding if you did in it a cartoon.

Aug 22    My most beautiful daydream. My daydreams usually involve travel. I would love to live in New York City, Paris or Rome (at the moment).  I  want enough time to slow down and take things in. Sit at a coffee shop one afternoon, visit art galleries and museums and not feel rushed to see EVERYTHING.

If anyone has other places they think I should start day dreaming about please let me know.  I am open to pretty well checking anywhere out!

Aug 23    The words I need to hear today. You don’t need to pack all that. I’m heading out Friday morning to visit a friend for the weekend.

Aug 24    A crazy but possibly brilliant idea! Doing a podcast!

Aug 25 / 26    Three amazing things my body can do:

  1. a good sprint (usually for the bus)
  2. I can sit quietly with no stimulation (for a bit). I know you’re thinking this is called meditation but sometimes it is called just quiet for me.
  3. I’m good at helping friends move furniture, boxes and putting furniture together (hours)


You can always start now!


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