5 podcasts for creatives

I’m always on the lookout for a good podcast.  In the winter I listen to them while on the treadmill and all year while I am doing housework.  I enjoy a variety from Serial, American Life to podcasts aimed at creatives. These podcast often spark ideas – if these women are doing this or that maybe……

The following podcasts fed off of each other. Literally.  I started with Jen Carrington who interviewed Sara Tasker, who interviewed Fiona Barrows and so on.  I was excited as it was like being introduced to a new friend with a slightly different twist on being a creative.

Jen Carrington has 6 seasons of Make it Happen Podcasts.  Jen is a creative coach in the UK. The podcast is about sharing ideas, insights and conversations about building a big-hearted business and a living a wholehearted life. A few of the topics are: don’t consume what keeps you small, imposter syndrome, living and working in seasons and authentically building trust online.  In some seasons Jen interviews guests and in others it is her sharing her insights. Remember 6 seasons here so lots of information.

Jen interviewed Sara over at Me and Orla.  Sara is a photographer, writer and creative coach.  Her podcasts.  discuss Instagram, comparison trap, managing self doubt, habits, mindfulness and more.  The theme is how creatives use their skills and strengths to build their business.  Both Jen and Sara talk casually with their guests and you feel you are a part of a conversation.

Me and Orla introduced me to Fiona Barrows podcast.  Fiona’s podcast There are other ways are conversations about living life a little differently. Fiona helps business with their brands through storytelling. Fiona’s guests are writers, jewellery designers, photographers, coaches, bloggers are more. What they have in common is that they are living life differently. No 9-5 jobs and being box in.

One of Fiona’s guests was Olivia Bossert. Olivia is a photographer and content creator living in Cornwall.  Her podcast Your’re not the boss of me  is about designing the life of your dreams. The main theme of the podcasts is on work life balance. The discussions range from how to create engaging content, how to pitch yourself to brands, how to work with brands, how to create boundaries, why self-care is key and more.

Estee Lalonde.  was one of Olivia’s guest. Her podcast The heart of it  has Estee, lifestyle blogger and author, exploring subjects close to her heart through the unique experiences and perspectives of her guests. This season, it’s all about women. From makeup to identity, tattoos to strength, Estée talks to fascinating individuals from different walks of life as they share their personal stories in a celebration of all things female.

All these women have different personalities which is what makes them unique. I enjoyed all of them and took something away the majority of the time. I am now following other creatives on social media that were interviewed. I recommend giving these women a listen.


You can always start now!


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