Weekly journaling – week 33

Aug 13  Who I’m cheering for this week! My friend Wanda who starts vacation this week and is heading home to visit family.

Aug 14  My favorite coffee mug is a tall blue mug. It holds a good amount of coffee. I judge a mug by the handle and how comfortable it is to hold. This one I can get three-four fingers in.

Aug 15   What’s in my brain right now. That I wish the humidity wasn’t coming back.  What I wish was in my brain right now are ideas for a short story.

Aug 16  Conversation topics:  a few of my favorites

  • Travel.  Where have you been? Where are you going? Why? Where are you dreaming of going?
  • What happening events and/or festivals in the city.
  • What are you currently reading and why.

Aug 17   The places I love in my neighborhood.  Hydrostone area. Beautiful green boulevards with lovely row houses (built around 1922) after explosion.  My walk to work – I love trees so this always makes me happy.

Aug 18/19  The color that makes me feel calm

  • The color I loved as a child was red.  I had a red velvet dress and a red watch.
  • The color that feels like fun is pink.
  • The color that makes me feel powerful is black.

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