Weekly journaling – week 32


Aug 6  The best things in life are free:

  • books (I am a big library user)
  • inspiring conversations with people who get me
  • meditation
  • walking

Aug 7  My on-line happy place. This would be the Blogger Facebook groups I am in. They are so incredible supportive and I feel like I have found my tribe. Thank you guys!

Aug 8   What is in my bag of tricks. Fast come-backs to sarcastic remarks. Knowing what bus to take pretty well anywhere in the city.

Aug 9   3 things I’m thankful for today

  1.   The rain last night and this morning. The air feels fresher and less heavy.
  2.   That I have no plans tonight. So I hope to catch up on odds and ends.
  3.    I got a drive part of the way home.

Aug 10  How I like to doodle in the margins.  I’m not a doodler. If you hand me paper and pen I will make a list. If I am doodling it is on the dining room table with paint.

Aug 11/12   These are a few of my favorite things:

  • O is for orangutan. I feel no explanation needed.
  • P is for peace.  Peace in the world and peace in myself.

You can always start now!



13 thoughts on “Weekly journaling – week 32

  1. tessdenoya says:

    I’m not a doodler either! But I do love my lists! I think knowing how to use a bus system is a great life skill – one I have never mastered!


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