Stream of Consciousness Saturday – bodily functions

It is that time of the week for stream of consciousness Saturday.   It is where we are given a writing prompt and just go for it. No over thinking this people. Take the prompt and write.  Check out Linda G Hill for more details and other writing prompts. Plus this week a link to an important website.

The last few weeks I have been experiencing diaphoresis. It is extremely uncomfortable and I’m not happy about it. The saving grace is that everyone around me is experiencing it also. This means I’m not the only one dripping and melting into the pavement. Because of diaphoresis everyone has a lack of energy. Diaphoresis has actually made people happy to come to work. If work has air conditioning. Imagine – I’m actually one of them.

Have you guessed what diaphoresis is? We have been having heat warnings for a few weeks now. I have a glow of “sweat/diaphoresis” happening.


You can always start now!



9 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday – bodily functions

  1. I love learning new words and reading the streams of concious writers. I was away so couldn’t join the clamour of adrenaline junkies this time. I always see it as a challenge ( I have to do this now) competitive I suppose … but it is a great way to learn. Pantzing your way through a flash. Good job Amelia.


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