What energizes you? Tapping into it.

Positive, Be Positive, Smile, Smiling

What do you do to get energized? Is it a social event? An activity? Completing a project? I think we can get energized various ways. The thing is to know when and how to tap into it.

For me it is having projects and deadlines in place.  Even if it is the due date on a library book! Exercise and getting outside can also energize me. I’m a list person. Breaking down projects into bit sizes pieces helps me stay focused and gives me a lift when I check the box. The project might not be completed but looking at what I have accomplished so far makes it less overwhelming and also energizing to continue on.

I have a friend (and fellow blogger) who I always come away feeling energized after we talk. We talk about projects, possibilities, dreams and goals.  No negative or whining here. Find that person who is enjoying and creating the life they want.  Become part of that community.

Look around you and note when you are feeling energized and enjoying life.  Who, what and where are you? Is it possible to recreate the situation or a similar situation? Connect with those people who bring you joy and connect less with people who are toxic.

So let’s work at tapping into what energizes us.  Let’s get some ideas, plans and goals in our arsenal we can pull out when needed. Tap into relationships that bring you up.  Better yet become that person people want to be around.  Be that someone to bounce ideas off and share in possibilities of getting more joy.  Life is a journey and why not make it as enjoyable as possible. Tap into it.

You can always start now !


22 thoughts on “What energizes you? Tapping into it.

  1. Wanda Mulley

    I am a list person too and always feel energized after crossing off an item on my list. Chatting with you always lifts my spirits and energizers me in a grateful, thankful way…gets me off my butt too 🙂 xo


  2. You always have to know your people: your people to energise you, your people to help you when you have a flat tire, your people to calm you down. Once you know that, life becomes infinitely easier 🙂


    1. Yes nature is always an energy boost. I love waterfalls also – even the sounds of them. Supportive blogging groups – they rock. So lucky to have found a few that are so supportive and encouraging. Thanks for visiting.


  3. One of my best friends lives in Oregon (I’m in Maine), and she was recently here for a week to visit family and friends. I haven’t seen her for about a year, but when I met up with her it was like no time had passed since the last time we chatted, laughed, and talked about the future. It was extremely energizing, and I’m so thankful we have the relationship we do. Thank you for sharing this. xx


    1. I’m just up the coast and to the right of you! I have friends like that also where I always walk away feeling better and more positive about myself and life in general. I love brainstorming ideas and possibilities with certain friends. Do believe we have to tap into positive things/people as the days can be rough. Thanks for stopping by.


    1. YES. Agree. I need to do more yoga and my body loves the stretching. People who make you laugh – a must. Singing – does singing at home alone count? Thanks for visiting and commenting!


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