Stream of Consciousness Saturday – T or tea or tee

I’m having a hard time getting my head around the last Saturday in July!  It is also time for Linda G Hill weekly Stream of Consciousness Saturday.  Check out Linda for more writing prompts. Quick recap. Stream of Consciousness just requires we take the prompt and write. Don’t worry about editing.  Just enjoy and see where it goes.

Tea is an item I associate with my mother. People coming for tea, the tea-pot always full or at least on the stove and ready.  To have tea you had to sit down and slow down. Even for a minute. This was big for my mother who was constantly on the go.

We had a large oil stove when I was growing up and that is where all the cooking and baking happened. I remember my mother heading to the basement to get the oil, lugging it upstairs and flipping the drum over on the stove into the opening. This is a woman who maybe weighed 100 pounds.  So stopping for tea – that was a good thing.

Hmmm…..that is stream of consciousness at it’s best. Tea to oil stove to weight.


You can always start now!


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