Weekly journaling – week 29

July 16   Details of my personal style:

  • jeans.  My go to look on the weekend is jeans and a top.
  • short boots.  I prefer short boots to shoes when wearing dress pants at work. Also with my jeans on the weekend.
  • the only make-up I put on every day is lipstick.
  • I am not a big shopper. Case in point I will purchase new boots / shoes because my other ones are finally shot.  I don’t have spares sitting around.

July 17   My relaxation mix. This calendar shows a picture of a tape so I’m thinking they want music. Thing is music does not relax me – it gets me bopping around.  My relaxation mix would be to pick up a book and curl up on the end of the sofa.

July 18     A time when I felt safe and cared for.  When I’m with people I can safety rant with. I know I won’t be judge and can just let off steam.

July 19  What “me time” means to me.  Do not disturb when I’m busy…..reading. I don’t do white noise at home. I don’t have music or the TV on if I am not actively listening / watching it.  When I get into a good book I just want to be left alone. Period. Full stop.

July 20  When I feel the most beautiful when I am in the company of friends and I am happy and laughing. We are maybe planning a trip or checking out what is happening in the city. I am surrounded by people who make me feel special. These vibrant individuals want to spend time with me!

July 21/22  All the ways I’ve grown.

  • Young me was worried about what people thought. So be invisible.  Older me doesn’t care as much. Embrace my weirdness.
  • If I want to do something (i.e. say take a class) I do it. I no longer wait around for people to decided or not. I’m through waiting for people and then having the class or event over with.  Done with that.


You can always start now!


11 thoughts on “Weekly journaling – week 29

  1. Rachna says:

    Interesting post… and I like your thought of what one should do what they want without worrying about other people and what they think.. great post..loved reading it..


    1. Amelia says:

      Friend at work got the calendar for Christmas and I was all over it. I knew I had to do it. Have been enjoying it as good variety of questions. I think the older I get the less I am caught up in others’ opinion or drama. So yeah to ageing.


  2. reginabethory says:

    I second just about every single thing in this post. I love reading your blog. It reassures me that there are people like me out in the world and I’m not alone.


    1. Amelia says:

      No my dear you are not alone. I feel very privilege to have met you in the cabin. You are an inspiration and I enjoy your blog also. Stay tune I’m working on something for our cabin mates.


    1. Amelia says:

      It is (some days better than others) but I think it is something we need to do to be able grow and move forward into who we can be. If that makes sense! Have a fabulous weekend!!


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