Feeding my soul – conversations with friends

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I recently reconnected with a friend. She is a dynamic woman and I always feel energized when in her company. We connected when we lived next door to each other and in the halls started talking. Which lead to a glass of wine, conversation and friendship.

She is, to me, a risk taker and has lived and done things I can only dream of.Β  I was exhausted as it was Friday night after a long week of work when I headed to her place (she moved so no longer neighbours). I wasn’t feeling it – what I was feeling was I just wanted my head to hit the pillow.

When I arrived she made a suggestion of heading to a craft workshop to make paper lanterns and we should change our supper plans. We had a glass of wine and started catching up. The talk was all positive. You don’t rant with her, it is all about we should, could and shall. We ended up at the craft workshop and made our lanterns. It is a free drop in that supplies materials and positive energy.

Within minutes of being in her company I was rejuvenated. Her conversation, warmth and personality fed my soul. She experiences life and lives outside the box. I love it.

What feeds your soul? Drop me a line in the comments as I would love to know.

You can always start now!


13 thoughts on “Feeding my soul – conversations with friends

    1. I get energised when I’m around people who are passionate about something. They give off a spark when they are talking about it. I don’t necessary have to love their passion but I get caught up in it. So yes to a real boost.


  1. reginabethory

    I need a friend like that or more importantly, I aspire to be like your friend. I’m such a ranter and can definitely go off on the negative things.

    What rejuvenates me? I find that time alone or time in nature heals me. I have to have time alone to recharge my batteries per se because being around people all day can be exhausting and mentally draining. Locking myself in the bathroom with a lit candle, a glass of wine, some music and a bubble bath would be my ideal rejuvenation.


    1. I think we have various roles and that applies for friendships also. She is so an energizer bunny. I am more calm when with her as taking it all in. With other friends I’m the more animated one. Others more the doer/planner. Have a great day – hot and humid again today here.


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