Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Organ

Every week Linda G Hill gives us a writing prompt where we just get to write. Don’t over think just go for it.  Check Linda’s blog out for other writing prompts and lots more!

My first thought was “this is a hard one”.  Organ. I mean really.  Heart, lungs, liver and kidneys right?  I just Goggled organs and up came “what are the 78 organs in the human body?”.  WHAT! 78? I don’t know 78. I don’t think I can name 50% of 78! Okay, to be honest I know less than 50%. Did I sleep through health class?  Short list:  tongue, pharynx, bladder, spleen, brain, eye, ear and skin. 78 remember. So I’m not even covering the tip of it.  Let me know if you can come up with 78.  Or maybe…….the internet is wrong?  Hmm….possibility?


You can always start now!



13 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Organ

  1. reginabethory says:

    Heart!!! What about small intestine, large intestine, and are kidneys and bladder the same thing? What about a Gaul bladder. I’m not even sure if that’s spelled right. Good post! I need to start doing these.


    • Amelia says:

      Seriously. What gets suck in your head. Friday we celebrated our Director’s 50th birthday and make up a song to ABBA Dancing Queen so you know what ended up being suck in my head ALL day.


  2. Gary says:

    Intriguing question! What’s the definition of an organ…are some on the list organs within an organ and thus actually part of the organ they are within? This feels like a quiz show potential. How many organs can you name in two minutes? Do the three parts of the small intestine count as three or one? Clearly this is an SoCS reply lol.

    Great idea and definitely one for grey matter enhancement!


    • Amelia says:

      I think small and large intestines count as two. Skin, tongue, stomach, ovaries, bladder – I missed a lot. I was like 78 “I don’t think so…..” lol. Your doctor would so have done better!


      • Gary says:

        Ooh, really? The large intestine is just a long tube thing, the small one has three distant sections with defined function and names. I figured those might well have been on the list.

        It’s a tough one though. Spur of the moment name all the organs in the human body. I doubt many could just rattle them all off on that basis and not leap to Google lol


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