Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Sup

Linda G Hill  gives a writing prompt every week for Stream of Consciousness Saturday. The prompt can be anything and the idea simple. Don’t over think just write, hence stream of consciousness. Check her out for all the details and more writing prompts.

Supper. I know not original.  It is a meal I enjoy having with friends. Trying a new restaurant or old favourite. We have a ton of choices where I live. Pubs on every corner. The funny thing is when I read the prompt I thought of dinner and supper and how the words means the same thing now in a lot of places. I know originally dinner was a noon time (lunch) meal and supper in the evening.  I think we have gotten so used to grabbing lunch that dinner means a more substantial meal (like supper). Maybe that is why people now use the words interchangeable.

Since I started my stream of consciousness – just write – it made my hungry.  I had to stop and have dinner. Not supper dinner.  Done.

You can always start now!


13 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Sup

    • Amelia says:

      It is too funny really. My mind says both dinner and supper are more substantial meals. While lunch is light like soup and/or sandwich. Something you have more on the run. Such big thoughts for a warm day. lol


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