Weekend Coffee Share

Join us for some coffee time!

It has been a while since I have participated in weekend coffee share.  Head over to Eclectic Ali for all the details. Summary weekend coffee share is about catching up with friends over what has been going on this week!

At the last-minute I decided to sign up for Camp NaNo.  To my surprise I’m in a cabin with not only  writers but bloggers.  Check out Regina Bethory and her post on breaking down scenes into smaller chucks.  I also have Frida from Norway in my cabin. It has been neat checking their blogs out and also supporting each other. When you are assigned to a cabin you have a message board to post on and get to know your cabin mates. This cabin has been pretty active.

I have participated in camp and novel-writing month in November a few times. I find I am more focused and committed when involved in these endeavours. I think part of it is being in a community. Not wanting to let my cabin down (they show the cabin word count throughout the month).

In November we have a local NaNo that sets up meetings in coffee shops. There is an energy being in the room with other writers all participating in the same event. I have continued to meet a few writers (locally) I met at NaNo to write.

So Camp NaNo is what I have been up to this week. I am on track word count wise. I have been posting and hopefully encouraging my cabin mates. I  will be writing this weekend and checking out what is going on in the cabin.

Check Camp NaNo out and writing month in November if you need that extra push being part of a community will give you.

You can always start now!




13 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share

    • Amelia says:

      Good supportive group of cabin mates this month so think it will be fun to pop in and visit and see how everyone is doing. Like blogging checking friends out.


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