A change of seasons

I recently read about accepting the change of seasons as a gift. That each one has something to offer. Plus fighting with them is wasted energy as they are rolling in regardless.

After reading about the changing seasons and not fighting them, I thought of the seasons in our lives.  That there are often times we want to rush into the next season (adulthood). Or linger in our 20s. Some of us definitely struggle entering into our later seasons.  But like nature they are also rolling in regardless of how much we fear, struggle and wish our lives away.

Instead of wasting energy on something we have absolutely no control over what if we flipped it and embraced every new season.  Take what we have learned in past seasons and apply or disregard. What can I get rid of this season that no longer applies to me? What experiences am I finally ready for in this season of my life?

I feel every season both in nature and life has something to offer. It is happening regardless so why not roll with it not against it. Ageing has made me appreciate what I have to offer and I am no longer as hard on myself. I don’t have an “ideal” of what I should be. What do I want to experience in this season? Possibilities!

We all know individuals that never had the privilege of entering later seasons. This alone should be a wake up call to grab hold and enjoy where we are right now and where we are going.

What are you looking forward to in your next season? Is it something you can maybe start now? Put things in place for later? We are all in this together.

You can always start now!


32 thoughts on “A change of seasons

    1. Me too – hard to believe it is the end of June. Weather has been colder than normal here so just want it to turn around. Holiday Monday so looking forward to long weekend. Take care.


  1. Right now, I am looking forward to Summer. As far as life goes, I know that my Fifties are looming ever so close. There is much good as well as bad that comes along with aging. But really, considering the alternative, I will go ahead an find something to love about my fifties.


    1. Treat your fifties as a new chapter – what do you want to accomplish in this chapter? A new hobby? Travel? It could also be the chapter of just letting go of expectations and running with stuff. Enjoy where you are at.


  2. I find myself thinking more and more about this topic as I get older, and I think it’s a good thing to reflect on the things we’ve learned–to keep some and discard some, as you say. I look forward to the next season and I hope it’s full of adventures and lessons.


    1. Thanks for stopping by. Don’t just hope the next season is full of adventures and lessons make it happen. Especially the adventure part. Maybe we will be seeing some of them via the blogging world????


    1. We had frost a few nights in June. Destroyed 50% of the blueberry crop here. I’m ready for warmer weather – not sweltering and not humidity. Hope it breaks soon.


  3. Love this sentiment. Summer has just started here and I am seeing this as a fresh start. I’ve started doing more exercise and the hubby and I are determined to get out and about and exploring the North East on our weekends.


    1. Same here – summer wise. July 1st Canada Day for technically first long weekend of the summer. School out so people getting excited. Helped the weather feels like it has finally rolled into summer. Enjoy and great idea exploring North East looking forward to posts


    1. I just have to look around me to see how fortunate I. It is just taking advantage and living/enjoying the life you have. Yes to people realizing ageing is a privilege not everyone has.


  4. amelia

    Yes! I’m having a milestone birthday this year and honestly, there were times I thought I might not get here. And now I’m looking forward to the next season being the best one yet.


    1. I agree. I want to look back and know I lived fully. I’m trying to cut back on regrets. I figure just do it – love or hate or whatever – it is an experience I can at least learn from. I’m not saying in five years “I should have…..” you are such a motivational person yourself. thank you.


  5. Losing the Plot

    For me, this season is all about motherhood, it was unexpected, and I love it, i’d Happily slow the pace but life rolls on. I’m not thinking about what next yet, I’m just enjoying where I’m at and trying to ignore the grey hairs.


    1. Agree. Someone at work said “enjoy your birthdays every year as consider the alternative.” I thought yeah right we all know people that didn’t get to celebrate milestone birthdays. It is a privilege we take for granted.


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