Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Bug

Linda G Hill Life in Progress  gives a weekly prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday and I get to just write. Not over think anything just take the prompt and apply.  Check her out for all the details and other writing prompts.

I work in a hospital so you might think the first thought for bug was sick.  It wasn’t. My first thought was I haven’t seen any lady bugs in ages. If not years. I remember capturing them in our house growing up and delicately putting them back on the grass. Watching them run in my hand and trying to make sure I didn’t drop them as I cupped my hands together for more surface area. The thought of hurting them was unimaginable. So where are they now? There is no mistaking them so……why haven’t I seen them? Has anyone seen them? Know what is happening to them?

You can always start now!


2 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Bug

  1. Good question. I do still see them where I am, but never as many as there should be. Changed landscapes and high end agriculture possibly do some harm insect wise. Reduced biodiversity, habitat and all that. Some of that damage is being restored now though. Hopefully not too late though. I’ll now make a point of looking. In fact this year I’m not actually certain I’ve seen one come to think of it!


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