Instagram summer ! !

I was thinking of a summer post or tag. What do to….. I put it out there to a friend and she had a brilliant idea.  Thank you Wanda (over at A Wandafulthing).  Why not capture on Instagram (or a post) what is synonymous of summer for us.

We can take pictures of what summer means to us and use a hashtag to collect them all in one place.  This way we can document the next three months and check each other out. I imagine there will be a variety of what summer means.

I checked Instagram for hashtags to use and #summer2018us looks good. I would love for everyone to join me posting what summer means to you.

You can always start now!




18 thoughts on “Instagram summer ! !

    1. It is what summer means to you or looks to you. I just thought it might be fun for a group of us to capture our summer (no matter where we are in the world) together. Would love to see you there!!


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