Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Reservation

That time of the week. Head over to Linda G Hill Life in Progress for the details on #SoCS.  Plus Linda has other writing prompts you might enjoy.

When I think of reservation I think of standing still. That I’m not sure where I’m heading and/or not ready to put my foot forward. A few things have come up lately and I’m, well reserved. For some reason I have lost my word for 2018. My word is courage and the last month I seem to have lost it.

So I’m taking charge. I’m pulling out my courage and making plans and breaking them down. What is doable before the end of June? How do I want to roll into July? It is without reservation that I’m on it. As of today.

You can always start now!


9 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Reservation

  1. Excellent stuff, hope to see you there more! I’ve had a forced lay off. Exams and stressed kids! Last one is this week so hopefully streaming again next weekend 😊


      1. July 1st is Canada Day so holiday Monday for me. This is considered the first long weekend of the summer. School out so officially starting. Hope you are getting more free time to get back at writing! Enjoyed SOCS you did.


      2. That’s the plan, but so far I’m catching up on what didn’t get done during exams. Really aim to write some new material too. Fingers crossed! Hope you enjoy the long weekend too!


      3. Actually have some energy tonight. Looking forward to extra day off. New material sounds exciting. At the moment I am writing background material.


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