What caught my eye – favorites from the past month

I always enjoy what caught my eye in the past month. Hope something catches your eye or you just enjoy the eye candy.

Apartment Therapy  has this house bursting with color. More eye candy for me! Within the past year I am getting back into pink. Especially for decor/accents.

 best ikea outdoor furniture

I’m looking at redoing my balcony this summer so this caught my eye. Plus an IKEA store finally opened up in our area. Head over to Domino to check out all the pieces.

If you know your Myers-Brigg personality type the Well and Good has a post on how each type can deal with stress management.


Balzer Designs  has lots of idea on art journaling that are worth checking out.

I have a small entryway so I am always looking for creative ideas for storage that look pretty and are useful. Apartment Therapy is showing off some with the title of being under $75.

I found Fiona Barrows podcasts last month. They are conversations about living life a little differently. Direct quote here.

30 Life Sayings That Made Great Impact in My First 30 Years

I usually end with a quote but this month I am giving you 30. Starting with the one above. Head over to Wellington World Travels for 29 more life changing quotes.

I would love to hear what caught your eye over the past month. I’m always up to checking new things out! Please share.

You can always start now!


9 thoughts on “What caught my eye – favorites from the past month

    1. I love checking out decor. The colors, ideas, furniture, the works. Sometimes ideas for me. Others just pretty or interesting to look at. Like I said I am just getting into pink so it is catching my eye. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Happy to hear an IKEA opened near you. They have fabulous furniture with reasonable pricing. This month Kiehls overnight firming mask with Ginger Leaf & Hibiscus has caught my eye and it seems to be working. Have a great day! 🌷


  2. I like all the color! I love looking at picture of ways to design and decorate, but honestly never really get around to it. I’d say what caught my eye this week was the sweet look on my son’s face when he gave me his mother’s day card and I cried like a baby.


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